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Author Topic: Connection of a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse  (Read 3039 times)

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Connection of a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:45:50 AM »
Hi Everyone
I would like to connect a wireless keyboard/mouse to my Db, I had try using a wired mouse, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard/mouse and also install a bluetooth plugin but it still didn't work. Could someone please teach me how?
Or must I buy a special wireless keyboard/mouse from DreamMultimedia? If yes, beside the original from DreamMultimedia, is there any other brand of wireless keyboard/mouse i can buy?
I am using a Dm7020HdV2 with Atv Image v4.2.

LuxSat Satellite  |  SATELLITE PROGRAMMER  |  Hardware  |  Connection of a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

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