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Cccam 2.3.9 r5 all images (ipk)(update)18-01-2022
Dreambox Open HDF image v6.5 (DM 900 & 920 update) 18-01-2022
Dreambox Pur E2 6.5 (update) DM 900 / 920 15-01-2022
Dreambox OpenATV 7.0 (update) 14-01-2022
Vu+ OpenATV 7.0 (update) 14-01-2022

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Author Topic: CCCAM 2.2.0  (Read 1810 times)

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CCCAM 2.2.0
« on: November 19, 2010, 12:46:28 AM »

-several smartcard fixes
-added SCIDEVICES setting (see CCcam.cfg for details)
-fixed timings display
-fixed possible crash with SMP
-don't clear SMARTCARD SID ASSIGN and LOADBALANCE settings when configfile changes (changing these settings requires a restart, so they should not be touched when config is re-read)
-added SMARTCARD SID REJECT (see CCcam.cfg for details)
-distribute ASSIGN/REJECT info to clients to improve performance (needs 2.2.0 server and clients)
-improved detecting when CCcam.cfg has changed
-added GLOBAL EMM setting (clientside), to control generation of GA EMM traffic (see CCcam.cfg for details)

HD+ Card and Tivusat Card Work OK with cccam 2.2.0

Dispo sur le serveur Gemini.
Ok sur DM8000HD, TNTSAT SD et HD ok sans aucune modification.

LuxSat Satellite  |  Online LANGUE FRANCOPHONE  |  Chat General  |  CCCAM 2.2.0

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