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Author Topic: Enigma2-extensions-screengrabber - 1.0  (Read 2154 times)

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Enigma2-extensions-screengrabber - 1.0
« on: November 02, 2011, 09:21:03 AM »
Enigma2-extensions-screengrabber - 1.0

The object of the plugin to take instant screenshot for osd,video or both from simple remote control button click
Limited trails for coding enigma2 screenshot plugins done previously and mainly i found two one called standbild by valis and contains basic code for grabbing and the other one called screenshot(unknown auther) but both are incomplete
so i have tried my effort to make complete screenshot plugin with the following features
-take screenshot for osd,video or both and the action can be assigned simply from setup interface
-also the user can change the assigned remote control button to take screenshot
-The screenshot storing folder also can be changed from setup
-Complete management of taken screenshots images(preview and delete)

from the attached ipk file as any ipk file

Not tested with vu+

Even in het Kort

Deze ipk plugin kun je op Uw box installeren en na enkele voorkeur instellingen kunt U Bv. via de text knop op de afstandbediening een screenshot maken.
In mijn geval en voorbeeld werden die opgeslaan onder /tmp waar U die dan met behulp van DCC kunt ophalen.

Hier enkele voorbeelden die ik net genomen heb.

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LuxSat Satellite  |  DREAMBOX RECEIVERS enigma2  |  Tools / Plugins / Emu / Scripts en Tools For Mac  |  Enigma2-extensions-screengrabber - 1.0

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