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Author Topic: Nieuw CtechMaker Version 4.3  (Read 3851 times)

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Nieuw CtechMaker Version 4.3
« on: April 12, 2012, 07:55:37 PM »
---Wat is nieuw---

CTechMaker Version 4.3
CTechMaker Version 4.3 - TechSat TEAM
CTechMaker4.2 is never released by TechSat Team. CTechMaker4.2 is a dangerous FAKE!
Dit is en was al middels ook bekend bij ons luxsat forum,lees daar even onder clarke tech rubriek,voor verdere info ;) Onder de melding>>>Opgelet even u aandacht VIRUS.

CTechMaker Version 4.3 - TechSat TEAM
Questo programma genera automaticamente la Softcam per gli STB Clarke-Tech.
This software automatically generates the Softcam for STB Clarke-Tech.
Diese Software erzeugt automatisch das Softcam für STB Clarke-Tech.
Ce logiciel produit automatiquement Softcam pour STB Clarke-Tech.
Este software genera automáticamente Softcam para STB Clarke-Tech.

In some cases it is necessary to copy the libmySQL.dll in C:\WINDOWS\system32

What's news in 4.3 version?
° Adapted to changes in the structure of the database.
° Added direct link for download any makers tool in the Tab "Forum".
° Improved database access.

Met dank aan het TechSat TEAM :cool:

Gr.Wvv ;)
1.Dreambox 800 HD se
2.Zgemma-Star H1 Sat en Cabel


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