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Author Topic: Update on E2iplayer  (Read 629 times)

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Update on E2iplayer
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:26:58 PM »
Zoals je misschien al ondervonden hebt, is dat er geen ''publieke'' updates meer zijn van E2iplayer.
De enige reden hiervoor is dat de coder samsamsam er genoeg van heeft in de zin van dat hij al zijn vrije tijd erin steekt en uiteindelijk stank voor dank krijgt.
De laatste versie die beschikbaar is E2iplayer 2018.12.16.03

Hier een quote van samsamsam:

There was several reason why there was not update during 2 weeks:

1. Some time before last update my external hdd has been damaged. I store on it enviroment for compilation binary components used by E2iPlayer like ffmpeg, pycurl, exteplayer3 and so on. These components are not updated frequently but anyway because of hdd demage I was not able to compile for example exteplayer3 for all supported platforms any more.

These make my very sad because on this hdd I had many data. However environment for development and deployment E2iPlayer (the part written in the python) was on my internal hdd, so it was not lost.

2. I was on something like a two-week "vacation" and I did not have access to my PC nor to any STB.

3. During my "vacation" I got many questions why no update - I answered with 1. and 2. As I wrote the problem 1. is not direct reason why there was no update E2iPlayer it self, but it could couse big issue when there will be need to update some binary component because of bug or something like that.

During this time I was accused of lying, insulted me and I received many message were users demand update.

I can not agree with such behavior of users. I spent hundreds of hours developing this plugin. E2iPlayer is my hobby and I share it with people for free. I never ask for donation or something like that. How users thank me for that?

Because of this after I returned from "vacation" I decide to develop E2iPlayer in the private domain:

I also started to create environment for binary components compilation from scratch.

It will be not published because of many rude opinions addressed to me.

Now, new versions of the E2iPlayer are only available for my friends and family.

And those who spit on me and offended should now roll up their sleeves and made their on plugins or something others and share these with others.


Grts Peter

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