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Author Topic: OE alliance  (Read 3838 times)

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OE alliance
« on: August 16, 2012, 11:09:45 PM »
Een beetje uitleg rond de OE alliance (in het Engels)

What is OE-Alliance?

OpenVix and openAAF had the idea to create a common build environment for the new OE-CORE and work together to optimize this environment.
Explanation: OE-CORE is a build environment by Openembedded, Dream multimedia calls it OE 2.0, openPli calls it Pli 3.0
All teams are using almost the identical build environment, so why not creating something together? The answer is the OE-Alliance.

Since we have a name now, we created a GIT repository quickly and the integration can be started.

The OE-Alliance is the base for each team, which is interested in building an OE-CORE image. We have discussed this already with several teams and they quickly agreed to work together.
We think that our new companionship should be visualized, so we created a logo. We call it the Seal.

The seal contains one golden star for each team which is part of the OE-Alliance. As you see we currently have 7 stars, representing the following teams: (16.07.2012)

openAAF , openViX , openMips , Egami Team , Team Red, odin-support , xtrend-support

Because the OE-Alliance is the build environment, each team will continue to provide his own team image. As you know each team maintains his own Enigma and his own skin, which makes the difference of each single team image.

Info: OE-Alliance offers the following: Makefile, Linux, driver, tools, common plugins and technical support among the teams.
For those with technical interest: You can track all changes and improvements in the OE-Alliance GIT from now on.

Each coder is welcome to join, each team, too.
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