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Author Topic: Opgelet Caution! Vu+ Clone  (Read 5848 times)

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Opgelet Caution! Vu+ Clone
« on: January 07, 2012, 09:01:27 PM »
Voordiegene er wat mee kunnen.

Voordat er een kat in de zak wordt gekocht


Edit, image grootte en helderheid aangepast. WOIIFTM
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Re: Opgelet Caution! Vu+ Clone
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2012, 01:32:13 PM »
Wordt inderdaad al via eBay aangeboden.

Een clone is soms simpel te herkennen. Als de prijs verdacht laag is en niet via reguliere kanalen aangeboden wordt is de kans groot dat je een met een clone te maken hebt. Wat niet wil zeggen dat alle internet shops verdacht zijn.

Voor alle duidelijkheid: wij geven geen ondersteuning voor clone boxen

Vu+ neemt ook maatregelen waardoor clones op termijn onbruikbaar worden:
Dear partners and Customers,

Vu+, unarguably the leading supplier of Linux based set top box, works relentlessly to make sure the utmost quality that you expect us to achieve. This has been the integral part of the whole operations in developing and manufacturing.

However, we recently learned that a clone of Vu+ SOLO could now be traded through illegal transaction routes from China. In responding to this grave situation, we assure you that we will take all possible legal measures to ensure that such pirated copies of Vu+ products be not traded freely. Furthermore, we have already begun a technical process via which to upgrade the algorithm of system security implemented in all Vu+ products soon.

When this upgrade is put into place, no pirated copies of Vu+ products will work. While we sincerely ask for your unilateral support in dealing with this serious matter, let us state the following aspects so that you can inform those who might be interested in Vu+ clones.

1.No software update will be possible.
2.The hardware stability of clone is very questionable.
3.No repair support will be offered for clone boxes.
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